Ibiza – been there, done that…next cliche!

Myself and hubby have just returned from Ibiza. Bla bla lovely weather, nice hotel bla bla, lots of Germans, bla….but there were two things I wanted to cross off the ‘Things I Want To Do Before I Die’ list.

1/ Chill out at the Cafe del Mar and watch the sunset.

2/ Go to an Ibiza club night.

All right, I know I should have done these years ago at a more appropriate age but I’m a late developer OK?

Anyway…Cafe del Mar – the uber Ibiza cliche. Sun sets – everyone claps and cheers. What’s that about? I might be totally off the mark as it was late September, but as soon as the sun disappeared, so did pretty much everyone drinking at the Cafe. Odd. People are so fickle. Mind you at a fiver a beer I don’t blame them.

Pacha club night – hmmm. Clearly I don’t get out enough as I was absolutely HORRIFIED that people would part with the best part of fifty quid to jig about for a few hours. Plus the music was rubbish. Either that or I’m getting old. Probably the latter. And what’s with £15 for a drink? Do me a favour. Am I missing something? Obviously I am as the club was packed. Which is probably more than can be said for the punters bank accounts. Nice decor though.

All grumpiness aside, however, I’m glad we indulged and it is a beautiful island – but it was nice to get back to £3 a pint and a nice autumn chill.

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