Illustrated ‘Cloud Atlas’ Poster Coming Soon

Illustrated ‘Cloud Atlas’ Poster Coming Soon

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I’m very pleased to announce that I have been asked to create an illustrated ‘Cloud Atlas’ poster!

Just finished a wonderful Skype video meeting with Jon Donahue from where we talked about working on an illustration for this ground-breaking film.

I have to say I’m very excited as it is an absolutely amazing film that they made, and I’m looking forward to the challenge of representing this incredible piece of cinema into a piece of film poster art … An illustrated poster with the aesthetics that will hopefully make you want to see the film all over again.  Or, if you missed it, will make you want to see it for the first time!

Who knows where this will go.  At the moment it’s a personal project of ours – Jon worked on the film with Tom Hanks and between the cast and crew, they all had an incredible time making this film and this is a chance to celebrate it the way we know how… in the form of a new illustrated poster. Looking forward to the ride!


It seems to be a common trend nowadays for movie studios to abandon the tried and true techniques of hand-drawn poster ‘art’ to adopt more photographic-based designs put together using graphic design computer software. Avid poster collectors can quickly tell you that almost all movie posters up to and well into the 80′s were illustrated by hand. Images that used to really stir the imaginations of moviegoers even before they saw the movie have now turned more toward big close-ups of actor’s faces, quirky graphic designs, fonts and an overall loss of bang for the buck in terms of beauty. We’re not saying that today’s poster designs are all that bad – some are still downright impressive – but a case can be made that there’s definitely a diminishing of heart and character in modern-day movie posters that was not missing in the painted posters of old.

— Beyond The Marquee

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