I’m excited to share an illustration I made with Chelsea…

I’m excited to share an illustration I made with Chelsea...

I’m excited to share an illustration I made with Chelsea Lee at GQ Magazine for a feature in the March issue about sustainable seafood. The writer, Mark Bittman, and the subjects he interviewed discuss which kinds of fish are becoming evermore threatened by the steady increase in demand for seafood, while offering alternatives or reaffirming which fish are being sustainably caught.

The section I illustrated covers Japanese cuisine in America and offers a quick guide to which specific kinds of sushi and sashimi are most sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

I wanted the illustration to serve not just as a depiction of a sushi meal, but also as an homage to Japanese cuisine and art history. I was looking at Ukiyo-e prints of sushi and table settings, by artists like Teisai Hokuba, Ryuryukyo Shinsai, and Utagawa Hiroshige. I also made it a point to read about the history of sushi, of its subsequent popularization in North America by chefs like Hidekazu Tojo, and to watch documentaries about contemporary sushi chefs in Japan (like Jiro Ono), to see and learn about the craft of sushi and sashimi preparation. 

My sincerest gratitude to Chelsea Lee for the wonderful assignment, this was such a pleasure to make.

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