I’m Moving to France!

OK, maybe just in my imagination.
I’ve been keeping an eye on this 3 floor French house that has been for sale on a Facebook page.
You can see it here. The photos of this place have captivated me, every single one has 5 or 6 potential photoshoot ideas.

Ever since art school 30 years ago, I’ve had in the back of my mind the idea that I would move to and eventually retire in a place exactly like this house. The dream has evolved over time. At first I would be a famous painter, then a famous illustrator, then a famous collage artist and now a famous photographer. Also the location would change between France, Spain, Italy or Greece.

I have to say the previous few years pretty much crushed that dream, but this year is going pretty well so far. I was surprised at the price at about $350,000, I thought something like this would be way more than that. That price is still beyond me, but it was just low enough to inspire me again.

Bon Jour!

See full post here: The Phantom Darkroom2013-07-09.