Importance Of Technical Writing Part 3 "Increased Product and Parts Sales"

You now have a well engineered product, you have taken precautions to prevent and warn consumers against potential injury, and you’re selling your product. What else is there? What happens when your product needs servicing, a part fails, or just simply wears out? As a consumer, I do not expect every product that comes off the assembly line to be perfect. I do, however, ask, “what happens if something is not right, how do I get help?” This is where quality product support literature can and will give your customers confidence in your products and, therefore, want to recommend them to others. If I personally have a problem with a product and find in the manual where to contact someone for service, I am not as likely to be upset when a problem occurs. If a part breaks or wears out, if I can easily find the part I need and be able to call someone and get a replacement, I’m happy. A quality parts book should lead your customers to the parts they need and thus increase your sale of parts.
But, what if your product support literature does not help your customers get satisfaction to the problems they may experience. Are they going to go to others and say how happy they are with the product they bought, or are they going to say, “I had a problem and could not find any way to resolve it or fix it.” Does that sound like a satisfied customer who will recommend your products to others?

One of the greatest compliments I think any manufacturer can receive is for a person to call looking for replacement parts because the part is simply worn out; not due to lack of quality, but because the product is still functioning after many years of service. If your customers can easily find a replacement part or a solution to their problem, because you have provided manuals that lead them to a solution, they will be more likely to tell others about your products. Thus, you have increased product sales. Why is providing your customers with service so important? Because we are living in an age where many companies seem to be more concerned about making money than they are about building a quality product and a loyal customer base.

Steve Nichol, President and Co-founder of TPA, Inc.

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