In the Hills

Last week I spent a few days in Burbank, or Studio City, or Toluca Lake—I really don’t know where I was. This was my forth visit to greater Los Angeles—3 of which were under 4 days, one of which might have been under 4 hours—and each time I find myself rushing around trying to get ready to leave that I never get a chance to enjoy the surroundings. Though this trip was equally short, I did take a moment to make some thumbnails and record some of what makes it so special. The rolling hills, and all the little houses—at least from my vantage point, they were probably huge—that dotted the mountains seemed so far off in the distance, and so removed from life a little lower down in the valley, that I kept waiting for the picture perfect landscape to fall over and reveal the Hollywood magic that created the background. But each day the sun rose and set and nothing exposed the horizon as anything but some fortunate owners backyards. Next time I would love to see what the view is from up in the hills. I’m sure it’s great.—Dominick

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