Ink Reader Victo Ngai This illustration is for a very zen Thai…

Ink Reader

“Last Supper” with the lovely Syracuse students.

They made me a card, whaaaa!

Ink Reader

Victo Ngai

This illustration is for a very zen Thai fantasy by Thomas Olde Heuvelt on AD is the always fabulous Irene Gallo.
You can read the story here:

Yesterday I had the honor to give a talk at Syracuse University. (Everyone was so nice, check out the photos, I got treated like a Rock Star/Jesus and am still blushing. Anyways…) After the talk, Professor John Thompson and I striked up a conversation about the first book cover I did for Irene and all the other web story arts we colleberated on. John is a great painter and has illustrated many book covers. He told me, from his experience, covers are tricky because there’s often a fight between illustrators/art directors and editors/marketing team. Art people are always the one who have to give in. John said he remember when Irene entered the scene and how she was assertive at giving the artists as much creative freedom as possible. Once again, I was reminded how lucky I am.

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