Inktober 31, the end for inktober 2014

Is it me or did October fly by? Here is my last Inktober image for 2014. It’s a scary looking (or hungry looking) wolf to celebrate Halloween, which is today, obviously. I haven’t looked at all of the other inktober entries for today yet but I am guessing that there will be a fair few scary and ghoulish images there today.
I have really enjoyed inktober. It hasn’t been that much of a challenge to produce an ink drawing everyday, mainly because I normally produce an ink drawing everyday. It has been nice to have a real reason to post an ink drawing everyday, a deadline to work towards. 
I hope that everyone has enjoyed it as much as I have and I hope that Jake Parker, the guy that came up with the whole thing, has enjoyed seeing all of the entertaining images that have been produced throughout the month. 

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