Instructions for European rail company NS-Hispeed

Infographics guide European NS-Hispeed rail travellers to the exit

In the Netherlands, the public transport chip card has become commonplace. One card will get you into all trains, buses and other means of public transport. Europeans travelling by railway into the Netherlands, from Brussels, Paris, Berlin or beyond, do not have such a card. They travel to Amsterdam, Rotterdam or other Dutch cities, using either a paper ticket, a homeprint- or an on-screen smartphone ticket. For these travellers a special barcode has been designed that will be placed on all international tickets with a final destination to the Netherlands. I was commissioned by Dutch design company Teldesign (the creators of the original Dutch Railways NS identity in 1968) to create a series of infographics to guide these international travellers on their way out in a fast and efficient way. The instructions were made in colour and black and white and will appear on all NS-Hispeed EU tickets with a final destination in the Netherlands, as well as on keycards, that will be handed out in the train. Art Direction: Rob de Bree, Daan Hermelink, Teldesign.


After illustrating the Safety on Board cards for KLM a few years ago, I am very happy to once again show you where the exits are.


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The LCS For the love of illustration


Infographics for European Railway company NS-Hispeed. Infographics by Leon Mussche. Art-direction by Teldesign.








Instructions for European rail company NS-Hispeed

Paper ticket Brussels-Amsterdam with instruction in black and white.


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