We’re thrilled to introduce Directory of Illustration 32! This new edition features cover & interior illustrations by Olaf Hajek, and is filled with artwork from hundreds of the best commercial illustrators working today.

The printed Directory of Illustration is a welcome change for art directors who spend the majority of their time staring at a screen. Our book gives them something the internet can’t provide – a clear idea of how an artist’s work will look in print.

Browse Directory of Illustration 32 here.

Select creatives may qualify for a complimentary copy.

Here are a few pages from this year’s edition:

Traci Daberko, represented by Gerald & Cullen Rapp
Traci Daberko DOI32


Ian Bilbey, represented by Central Illustration
Ian Bilbey DOI32


Daniel Guidera
Daniel Guidera DOI32


Steven Noble
Steven Noble DOI32


Alexis Marcou
Alexis Marcou DOI32


Adam Niklewicz
Adam Niklewicz DOI32


Curtis Parker
Curtis Parker DOI32


Scot Laumann
Screenshot 2016-02-18 15.45.13