Hi guys, wer’re wrapping up the first decade of this new century and may I say, it isn’t too fast to say good-bye to ten years of some ugly stuff— 9/11 to financial collapses to extremist Muslims, divorces, businesses going under, etc. etc. And I didn’t even mention the 49ers being in the tank too. I guess most of us have lived through it but, damn it, we’re ten years older.

Enough of that, now for the good news… I mean great news.  We’ve got a new decade with the economy look up (sort of), bright skies ahead and I think many of us are poised for new successes, new adventures and new discoveries.  I know I am.  I’m ready to find new venues to display and sell my art. By the way, the art seems to get better. Maybe it’s that age and experience thing. And I’ve got some new directions  and concepts I’ll be exploring right away… maybe as soon as the ball drops in New York City.

Anyway, the title of this blog post is “I’ve Got No Storage Space” Sale, which means I’m wanting to move some art and giclées because Park West Gallery is shipping 45 pieces of my art back to me (guess that’s the end of my sailing adventures) and my storage situation is tight, tight, tight! So what I want to do is offer some original art and giclées to you at some amazing prices. Did I mention: Amazing Prices? This is the first of many “IGNSS” blasts so there’s more to come. Check it out, and if you find something that’ll brighten your space, collect it.

Have a Happy New Decade full of wonder, health, love and prosperity!!!