Jamie Chung Covers Bloomberg Pursuits

The formerly biannual publication Bloomberg Pursuits recently got a makeover with the help of photographer Jamie Chung. Pursuits is now published quarterly and has broadened its luxury coverage to include art, food, fashion, travel, philanthropy and more.

To reflect the magazine’s change in scope and feel, Jamie Chung shot Pursuits’ new cover and corresponding story on high-end accessories titled “Where Luxury Begins (And Ends)”. The concept was to show a variety of accessories playing of their materials in a natural state. For example, a gold watch next to gold nuggets or an alligator briefcase in the clutches of an alligator.

Publication: Bloomberg Pursuits
Photographer: Jamie Chung
Photo Director: Brenda Milis
Art Director: Anton Ioukhnovets
Stylist: Ariana Salvato

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