Jamie Chung for Chase

Jamie Chung photographs the campaign for Chase’s new QuickPay program. The person-to-person transfer allows for quick and easy payments with email or a mobile number. The campaign advertises some of the common uses for QuickPay. For example, when a baseball breaks a neighbor’s window or when settling a dinner bill, Chase customers can transfer the money immediately, without the hassle of checks or cash. The campaign was shot in studio in New York City. Chung photographed each scene, from the broken window to the messy toddler, and then the phone was added in post-production. B&A’s Stefanie Syat did the hair and makeup as well. The campaign can be seen now in print, online, and on taxis.

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Client: Chase
Agency: McGarry Bowen
Executive Producer: Elle Sullivan Wilson
Senior Art Producer: Jamie Appelbaum
Account Executive: Katie Bell
Photographer: Jamie Chung
Hair & Makeup: Stefanie Syat