Jamie Chung Photographs Live Mascots for ESPN

For ESPN Magazine’s special college football preview issue Jamie Chung had the pleasure of photographing eight live animal mascots: four dogs, a hog, a tiger, a rooster, and an eagle. A self described animal lover, Mr. Chung spent about two weeks driving around the American South with a mini studio to shoot these college mascots, mostly owned by private citizens. The LSU tiger proved to be quite a challenge for our Jamie — he had to carefully capture the untamed animal through its enclosure. With the help of ESPN’s Senior Photo Editor Jim Surber, Jamie was able to produce a series of poignant, amusing, and magical animal portraits.

See more of Jamie Chung’s photography here.

Publication: ESPN Magazine
Issue: August 20th
Story: “Animal Attraction”
Senior Photo Editor: Jim Surber
Photographer: Jamie Chung

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