Jason Madara Captures The Lawmen

Jason Madara debuts a new portfolio of photographs based on California’s top lawyers.  “The Lawmen” portraits are from a fifteen-day commercial shoot Madara completed at Hanson-Bridgett law firm in Northern California. At first glance the photographs appear to be classic corporate portraits. The lawyers are all wearing suits and sitting at a nondescript table. However, with Madara’s choices in how the portraits were composed—cropping frames in close, showing the lawyers’ hands, capturing a few in portrait—the images take on new life.

Madara was hired to photograph Hanson-Bridgett’s 158 lawyers as well as interior and architecture shots of their offices in San Francisco and Sacramento. The shoot was part of an image overhaul by Emotive Brand, a San Francisco-based consultancy specializing in emotive branding. Madara stayed true to the original brief he was given for the assignment but adds, “When I saw that I could pull a strong series out of this for myself, it was just a bonus.”

See more photographs from Jason Madara’s “The Lawmen” series here.

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