Illustrator Alex McArdell‘s artwork designed for the world famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book is both literally & figuratively out of this world! Developed for one of the top comic book publishers in the United States, IDW Publishing, this series invites viewers straight into an action-packed world of never-ending adventures. Signature of McArdell’s illustration style, this series combines realistic details, three-dimensional graphics, and strategic lighting techniques to produce high-energy visuals that really bring this comic’s storyline to life. Alex elaborates:

When the film from 1990 appeared in cinemas, my dad grudgingly took me along. I had already watched the behind the scene’s documentary and managed to record it off the TV onto VHS and watched it hundreds of times. So it was fair to say I was excited. We came out of the cinema and I was blown away and declared it a cinematic masterpiece. Now that I’m an adult and a full time artist, (and if I had access to the turtles’ time travel device) I would no doubt blow my younger self’s mind by telling him that one day he would actually work on the Ninja Turtles himself and find a small place in their story.

Some of Alex McArdell’s areas of expertise include cartoon design, figurative drawing, fine art design, 3D rendering, conceptual project development, film/entertainment illustration, anime artwork, and CGI. McArdell has illustrated children’s books for both Wayland and Hachette Publishing, has worked on various graphic novels for indie producers, and has also trained under Ryan Kingslien – one of the developers of the world famous Zbrush software. As McArdell aims to utilize key elements in 3d design, such as the usage of lighting and shadows, he still focuses on maintaining the classic, painterly look of 2D illustrations in his artwork.

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