For its 100 anniversary, BMW commissioned Jude Buffum, along with several other artists, to create a piece of art visualizing where transportation might be in the next 100 years.

The volume, The Next 100, contains hundreds of beautiful photos and essays on the subject and each artist involved were asked to give their own predictions on the future of transportation.

The full text for Jude’s work reads:

” ‘If I were to speculate about what transportation will look like in the future, I would call it a mixture of the familiar and the fantastic,’ says Jude Buffum. Maybe the fuel that drives it would cost nothing, he adds. And maybe it would draw on various energy sources around us: hydrogen, wind power or solar energy. But what is paramount for this American artist is that it must be environmentally friendly. Perhaps, he muses, we don’t really need to be mobile at all and driving a car will be a nostalgic pastime. This exciting vision is illustrated by his work “No Turn on Red”. For, as he explains, while we are waiting for our atoms to reassemble themselves correctly after being beamed through the galaxy, we will have plenty of time to experience through video games what it was once like for our forebears to drive a car.”

Jude is represented by Mendola Artists. See more of his work through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at