Kenton Magazine x Caitlin Power F/W 2013 :: Illustration


It’s hello-sunny in Wisconsin like there is no joke. Like I’m burning outside. This makes me think if I really want to move to some warmer areas. Unless there is an ocean or a sea nearby (and I mean—n e a r by like right there, in front of me) I’m not going anywhere warmer than WI.

So. Monday. Before I dive into what’s up in the past, let me just say that I’ve started experimenting with the 90/30 work/rest rule and it’s helping a lot.

I’ve set my Pomodoro to 90 min work (usually start at 8-9:30)  and 30 min brake, then 90 min work and 1 hr brake, then 90 min work and 30 min brake and the final : 90 min work and 30 min brake. This way I have 6 hrs of work (and yes, responding to inquiries or writing a blogpost is also work) and if I start around 8am, I’m done around 5pm with so much rest executed. Brilliant. I’m on fire.


THE MEMO is: You may delay, but time will not ~ B.F.


  1. KENTON. Kenton Magazine x Caitlin Power F/W 2013. I’ve decided to submit my illustration (below) to the contest. I struggled with it a bit; maybe because it was so hot outside or maybe because I was rushing through it or maybe because I was lazy. But I did it and I like it. I feel the rush to do more. Marcus from Drow A Dot said it’s amazing (Thank you Marcus!) and I have a chance to work with KENTON magazine.  The only problem is I need bunch of you to vote for me once it’s round up to 5 winning people. Will you? (I’ll post the link once it’s ready)
  2. REST. 4 days of rest. Today I’m immersed in a web design project for a beautiful nutritionist. Have been working on it since my come back from Poland.
  3. HAIR. I found the perfect combo of washing your hair with baking soda + rising with ACV and oils. Will post soon.


  1. YOGA. I’m recovering well and I’m starting my yoga on Wednesday.
  2. BOWS. Few more Bow Women from the series of Bow Women. Love BOWS. Have I mentioned BOWS yet?
  3. FASHION ILLOS.  More pure fashion illustrations like the one for Caitlin Power. Plus my wacom is coming and I’ll be so much more free to design/edit outside of my office.
  4. 2 BOOKS are coming out : Work/Life from Uppercase and the book about patterns. I’m included, yeah, hell yeah. Just not linking yet, until they’re out.

Have a fantastic Week + Cheers! May I also say BOOYA!

marta spendowska

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