Rod Hunt collaborated with 215 McCann in San Francisco on this cool little animation for Minecraft explaining their Coral Crafters project to help restore coral reefs. Animated by Tom Yaniv.

Minecraft is helping restore coral reefs! To celebrate the Minecraft Update Aquatic (Phase One out now in several editions of the game, and in pre-release on Java), we’ve been working with several partners to help the real-world oceans, through Coral Crafters – our project to help coral reefs!

We teamed up with Rabahrex, Logdotzip and Stacyplays. They worked with their fans to design unique structures that help restore coral reefs in our oceans. But why does this matter? And more importantly, how does it help the oceans? 

You can check out the full film about the Coral Crafters project here

Minecraft Coral Crafters Animation illustrated by Rod Hunt
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