Leather Slide Bracelets

From the desk of Cherish Flieder

This week I made Leather Slide Bracelets as a part of a the Cousin Corp’s blog hop featuring their exciting new Slide Bracelet program.

To be honest, I don’t tend to make or even ware a lot of bracelets because they tend to get in the way of my work. However, I have to say that these bracelets are not only easy and comfortable to wear, they are also SUPER easy to make. The hardest part was deciding on my design and finding those pesky wire cutters.leather-slide-bracelets_0

I started by laying out all of my supplies and deciding the way I want my leather slide bracelet to look. The video (below) was great to follow along with as I made my bracelets.

Learn more about Cousin’s Slide Bracelets and check out your local Jo-Ann store for a variety of slide charms! Once you get going you could assemble a ton of these in a short period of time for a group project or even presents.

TIP: If you make these for someone else, you will need to know approximately what their wrist size is…

Leather Slider Bracelets

See more inspiration projects from the other designer Cousin blog hop participants by visiting them on Facebook.

(Special thanks to my sister Carissa for being my hand model while she was visiting from DC.)

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