Aaron Pollock Design approached Steven Noble to create a series of illustrations very unique and original to the Left Field Wines branding that evoke the unexpected, the weird and wonderful, through moments of quirky humor and unexpected surprises.

Left Field is an existing brand, a part of the Te Awa Collection, that didn’t have a clear voice or any defining personality to stand out in the market. It was time for a brand refresh and Steven Noble was up to the task.

The objective was to create a set of illustrations that doesn’t take itself too seriously. A brand that celebrates New Zealand’s freestyle approach to exploration, creativity and imagination inherent in the winemakers ethos.

The artwork was hand-carved on scratchboard using X-Acto knifes to scrap off the clayboard.

Check it out below!

For more work from Steven Noble, please visit his Directory of Illustration Portfolio and website.

Left Field_Designs_3 copy

Left Field_Designs_2 copy



Relaunch wine brand

Relaunch wine brand