Lets Put On A Show! Part Three

It’s getting closer-really fast. So how do I advertise this thing?
In the old days it would be some kind of mailing, maybe a newspaper ad and a magazine ad, costing tons of money. This time it’s all about low budget marketing ideas.
The good news is it’s never been easier and cheaper to advertise your show.
1. Facebook it. If you have a “Fan/Business” page on Facebook you have several options.
Do the “create an event” option-this announces your show to all who view your page.
Next, one week before the show I will be sending out an email announcement to all of the Fans on my page. Also every few days I am mentioning the show in some way on my wall. Be sure and join as many local “Group” pages in your area as possible. Then you can post on their walls about your show as well. Also, I’ve already had Facebook friends sending out information to their friends about the show and inviting them to stop by.
2. Blog about it. You’re reading about my show right now and hopefully my entries are creating some kind of interest.
3. Internet announcements. If you Google the name of your city plus “art shows” or “events” you will find many free sources for announcing your show. I’ve found at least a dozen where I live. Local newspapers, TV stations, blogs and art organizations all have a free calendar sections on the web. Post information about your show on these. Most ask for a two week notice. Have all of your information pre written and ready to copy and paste to each website to save time.
4. Twittering around. I haven’t really tweeted much, but I’m going to give it a try.
5. The old fashioned way. Send emails or even printed (on your home printer) invitations to friends and clients who have bought your work in the past. Put up printed flyers where you can in appropriate places. For example I will have flyers up at a local beauty salon and a local college with a fashion design department. Think of places where people might visit that would be interested in whatever you art is all about.
So there are my ideas-if you have any more please leave a comment! Thanks.

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