Life Needs Art 1st Birthday Party

That’s right, my adventures in blogging began one year ago today (keep reading to find out about the party aspect)! It has been an adventure and a pleasure to try to share with anyone interested nuggets of what I enjoy the most about art (and life). I appreciate everyone who takes the time to visit and comment. I feel more connected to my art, fellow artists and art lovers because of this outlet. It has also given me an excuse to revisit and document the work I have created throughout my career as well as sharing what I am doing currently. I had no preconceptions when I started this thing and I am pleasantly surprised at the steady rise in interest as well as the number of followers. I am gratified to see that my combined Blogger and Networked Blogs followers total over 150. That may not seem like many, but when you start out with only a handful, its still significant. The more than 45,000 page views seem to indicate that many more are looking that have not signed up to follow.


As a reward for all you dedicated followers and as an enticement to convince others to share in my artistic journey with me ( I want to hit 200 followers next). I am going to hold a drawing for autographed copies of my children’s books. There will be THREE WAYS TO WIN.

METHOD 1: If you are already a registered follower, email me the following with the headline “Life Needs Art Birthday Party” to Username; Actual name; and email address. You will be entered into a drawing for current and longtime visitors.

METHOD 2: If you are a brand new follower, email me the following with the headline “Life Needs Art Birthday Party- NEW FAN” to Username; Actual name; and email address. You will be entered into a drawing for new followers.

METHOD 3: Referral Drawing- If you are a current follower (or an ambitious new follower) and get a friend to sign up as a blog follower, email me  the following with the headline “Life Needs Art- Birthday Party- Referral Drawing” Your username, real name and email address PLUS the username, real name and email address of the person that you turned on to the blog. You will get ONE entry for EACH person you get to sign up as a follower, so the more people you sign up, the more chances to win. If your name is drawn from this category, I will email your new friend follower to verify the referral.

The drawing entries will close on Wed. May 18th at midnight, any entries received after that will not be eligible. The number of prizes will depend on how many entries I get. Since this is just for fun and as a thank you to faithful followers,  I reserve the right to determine what the prizes are and how many I give out. Right now, I will be giving out at least one copy of my book “The Touch of the Master’s Hand” for each of the 3 categories. If you win and already own that book, We will make other arrangements (a different book, poster or cards are possible choices ). Winners will be announced next week on the blog and I will contact each winner individually via email for delivery specifics. Hope I covered everything.

Good Luck and thanks for sharing some of your web time with me!


See full post here: LIFE NEEDS ART2011-05-12.