Life of Riley

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4-Track Films here in Duluth will have a special sneak-peek at their new movie, The Life of Riley. I did the DVD and poster design, and got to do some title animation for the actual movie.
Our band, Tangier 57 also has a song in the movie. The local music in this is really impressive. I saw a rough cut and the music combined with the images is really powerful in places.
Other bands + musicians featured are Low, the Black-eyed Snakes, Charlie Parr, Haley Bonar, Mary Bue, the Alrights, the Very People, Cars & Trucks, the Keep Aways, Kathy McTavish, Crew Jones, Equal Xchange and Martin Zellar.

See full post here: Brian Barber, Graphiqúe Artisté2011-05-20.