Life post and A Drawing A Day

This summer seems to have been a busy one considering I really don’t have any posts since May! Shame on me.  To summarize the past few months, here’s a list of things that happened:

1. I went to my first ICON!!!! ICON is The Illustration Conference that’s held every two years for illustrators.  It is also attended by art directors, sequential artists, designers of various sorts, and other creatives.  The conference also had a craft/trade fair/bazaar type event at which I had a table and exhibited my portfolio and had some goodies for sale.  It was a great experience: I learned a ton and met some awesome and inspirational folks, including Matt Groening, John Hendrix, and Marcellus Hall.  Here are pictures of my booth and the opening party with creature costumes by Big Nazo and music by the What Cheer? Brigade, and a drawing of the Big Nazo dudes, and a drawing (with notes) of John Hendrix (president of ICON7) and Jennifer Daniel 1/2 of the MCs (she’s also a designer/director at Bloomberg).

2. I moved from the Garden State of New Jersey to the Empire State of New York.

3. In July I got hired by Trader Joe’s as a crew member and sign artist.

4. I went to two back to back weddings, with one more to go in Sept, bringing the total to 5 attending weddings.  I also came to the realization that I have hit that age where many people I know are getting engaged or married. Being an illustrator/creative person makes giving gifts easy 😉

5. Completed an editorial illustration for Drew Magazine that will be published this fall.

6. Today I started a second job at Paper Source!

Having said all that, I did have time to draw, just not that much time to actually post any work to ye olde blog. I am working on a new promo piece so stay tuned. I also started a new mini daily project called A Drawing A Day, which was inspired by illustrator Veronica Lawlor’s book One Drawing A Day The purpose of the daily drawing is to keep me drawing while life happens and when larger projects are slow to finish and I want instant gratification for having completed a drawing, even if it is only 2.5 by 2.3 inches big.

Here are the first two drawings.   Pen and ink on illustration board, 2.5 x 3.5 inches

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