Longest Anamorphic Street Painting in the World

Longest Anamorphic Street Painting in the World

There are few project that will ever be as daunting as the one we created in Thailand this past August but I’m so glad we pushed through and made it happen.

We Talk Chalk was contacted to create a painting for Smirnoff at the SIAM Center in Bangkok.  We had been to Bangkok just a few months earlier for the Living Arts Festival so we were familiar with the Center and the area which made it all the more exciting.  The brief was to create a 3D street painting for Smirnoff representing their new flavor ‘Melon Burst’.  We went back and forth on designs for quite a while before the final concept was chosen.  After a ton of sketches I found out that this design actually had to snake through the shopping center and open up onto a large painting in the Center’s Atrium.  Wow.  Then I was told we would be attempting a record for the ‘Longest Anamorphic Painting‘ and that Guinness was going to be on site to record it.  Double WOW!!!  
Here are a few shots of us working in studio on the large Atrium painting and the many panels that would end up on the floor of the Siam Center.  It was two weeks of in-studio painting with 8 artists.
Here’s a little photo diary of the project…

Panels being painted in studio

Panels boxed up in front of our design board

working on the 35 x 35 foot Atrium Panel
That’s Lynn and Lorelle
On site in the Siam Center Atrium setting up cameras and prepping panels for installation.
That’s Remmie and Alex setting up the tripod and an entire install team to help us.  They were amazing!!

Once on site we worked each day from 10pm until 8am inside the closed Siam Center.  It was so hot inside once the air conditioning was turned off.  Thankfully the ‘Index Creative’ team thought of portable air conditioners that followed us all around or we would have sweltered.  7 days straight and we finally finished.  It was grueling!!  We were very grateful to the amazing vinyl install team from Index.  As soon as we had something completed they were there to install it for us.  This Atrium painting was a bear.  It was so big and in 3 huge panels that were really hard to match up again after being packed away for shipping.  But it all worked out in the end.

The Atrium painting laid out.  Ready for install!  35 x 35 feet.

Alex and Holly working on the finishing touches.
Alex did an amazing job on that guitar, btw.

These panels were installed unfinished.  They had to be modified onsite once the project specs changed.
This section is leading down the first hallway from the Siam entrance.  
Alex the Ballerina 馃檪  Perfect for those hard to reach places.
Equalizer squares at entrance of Siam Center.  (Painted on canvas)

Shot of an almost finished panel.  
Smirnoff Logo before trimming and install.

Melon on ice.  Near finished install.
View of entrance from top of stairs.  (actual viewing point is at the bottom of stair case.)
That’s me painting in some more water.
Melon Burst
Alex working on taglines.
Guinness Representative monitoring the measuring of painting
The Press!!!  
The team having fun!
Alex Maksiov, Holly Lynn Schineller, Remco Van Latum, & Me.
The Record!  The Longest Anamorphic Painting in the World  – 165 Meters

A project of this magnitude would not have been possible without the work of our talented group of artists. The entire painting took a total of three weeks, culminating in over 1000 hours in production. The project is a milestone. 

Remco and I would like to thank the amazing artists who took part in this incredible journey with us… Artists:     Alex Maksiov, Holly Lynn Schineller, Clancy Bree Kirk, Holly Wenger, Lynn Okimura, Lorelle Miller, Ever Galvez, Nha Lee
A special thank you to Nannapas Publishing, Index Creative, and the Siam Center for making this all possible.

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