Looking at 2008

Routinely assessing your work throughout your career helps you see where you’re heading and to make course corrections if necessary. For me, I tend to forget about projects I’ve completed as I can quickly move from one project to the next, so as I review the work, I am reminded and encouraged of the blessing it is to participate on such fun and challenging projects and to work with quite an array of wonderful people.

In 2008, I logged 102 projects, which is up from last year by exactly 14. I’m surprised by this increase, because the fluctuation of work was much more dramatic than in years past, expressed by some drawn lulls followed by floods of work only to be floating back in the doldrums again some weeks later. Client budgets were a bit smaller this year, but still fair and reasonable despite a trepid economy. I still (perhaps naively) believe that if you do the best work you possibly can within the time constraints allowed, success will follow. And this year really proved that once more for me.

I’ve put together a portfolio containing 56 of the 102 projects for your viewing pleasure. I welcome any critiques and comments you may wish to offer, but more importantly, I hope you enjoy the viewing. Check it out at tysonm.com/bestof2008.

All the best to you and yours in 2009!

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