Love can mean a lot of things

and sometimes playing with stacks of money isn’t quite as luxurious as one might think. Craig Ward and the team behind New York State’s lottery’s ongoing ”Yeah, That Kinda Rich” campaign got their hands dirty for this fun, two month long shoot.

“The physicality of the money was far more prohibitive than I had expected when the brief came in,” adds Ward. “Putting money into a half-inch stack changes the way it moves and reacts under pressure and tension. We need to create shapes that are natural to us–the curve of a g’s tail, or the flow of an s, but to a stack of paper, these are very unnatural positions, and it was constantly fighting us, springing out of position before we got the shot, and forcing us to start over. Some letters required three members of the team to get involved.”


Agency: DDB New York
Chief Creative Officer: Matt Eastwood
Client:New York Lottery
Executive Creative Director: Menno Kluin
Group Creative Director: Rich Sharp
Group Creative Director: Mike Sullivan
Associate Creative Director: Colin Lapin
Associate Creative Director: Tony Bartolucci
Copywriter: Jeff Scardino
Designer/Typographer: Craig Ward
Designer/Typographer: Juan Carlos Pagan
Photographer: Bill Wadman
Assistant Designer: Niral Parekh
Assistant Typographer: Rodrigo DeCastro

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