Luke Davis Mural for Prema in Sydney

October 20, 2014 Luke Davis has created a striking mural on the wall of Francesco Ruggerino’s new Prema headquarters at 23 Craigend Street, Darlinghurst. He spent 16 days straight on a scaffold in winter and finished it only a few weeks ago. Luke wanted “to paint something classical yet rebellious, soft and barely lit – chiaroscuro”. Inspired by Alexander McQueen and classical renaissance art of the 15th and 16th Century his striking face has skin and makeup that Luke describes as “soft cream and malt tones meeting in the mauve, Dracula tones and deep redblacks” and her hair is styled in a sleek, sophisticated centre part. Painting with cans and brushes allowed him to create fine details in the hair, eyes and lips while also allowing for a fine veil of black over the skin to highlight the cheek bones and forehead. View it at night and you will see how Luke has perfectly placed the shading on her face to be realistic to the nearby street light highlighting a real face from above. Intricately planned by Luke, aka The Pencil Jedi. Keep an eye our for it in Darlinghurst.

Luke used a unique low-pressure aerosol spray paint that stops any damage to any extraneous surfaces, the paint will only catch on a surface within 50cm of the spray.

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