Mack the Flying Dog

Mack the Flying Dog


Here’s a look at a recent commission I completed where a dog named Mack flew over Paris in search of cheese. This is the beauty of doing commissioned work because in my experience, the things people want me to draw are things I would never have thought of drawing before. Helps keep the cobwebs away!

mack_thumbs_blog These were some very quick and simple thumbnails to help clarify the idea

For this commission, I was presented with several storylines. To help the client visualize what the best idea was, I drew up some very quick thumbnails that helped both of us make decisions on what would be the best thing to draw. Sometimes, the quickest and easiest way to make decisions is to look at thumbnails. They don’t have to be pretty, but they need to have just enough to convey an idea or a composition.

mack_sketch Hello my name is Joey and I like to do drarings… of dogs.

I did lots of studies and drawings in my various sketch books. Note the study of Pluto down on the bottom left page. It’s important to look at how other successful cartoon’d dogs are exaggerated.

This shot shows the final composition sketch alongside the final rendered piece

The final piece was completed digitally in Photoshop. This was a piece that I didn’t draw traditionally. Everything in the final was drawing on the ‘pooter. Having commissions like this helps me to explore other ways of executing art. Anyway, this was a fun and silly piece to complete and I’m glad I had the opportunity to draw Mack the Flying Dog.

Thanks Eric!

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