Maleficent Watercolor, sumi ink, graphite, and gouache.  I…

Watercolor, sumi ink, graphite, and gouache. 

I don’t have much time to work on many personal pieces, so I’ve been working with this one here and there for quite a while. But I finally had a good amount of time with this piece, and I think this is as finished as it can get!

I was thrilled when the news broke that Disney’s Sleeping Beauty would see a live action remake from Maleficent’s perspective. I love the animated film, so I wanted to make a piece about this new take, and reimagine how I saw Maleficent as well.

Even though the new film doesn’t reach the same heights as the animated film, I was excited about it’s destruction of the villain myth. It shatters the all-evil identity of the original Maleficent in favor of a greater and more complex personality, and gives her character relatable motivations for revenge — assault, betrayal, and heartbreak.

The dress is loosely based on Giambattista Valli’s 2012 / 2013 fall and winter couture collection.

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