Mandala Street Painting

Mandala Street Painting

This is the final image of a large project I did for the Center of Living Peace in Orange County. The Center promotes peaceful living via meditation, yoga, dance, visual arts, and gardening classes and workshops. They asked me to create a 9×9 foot canvas street painting during their grand opening weekend which they would later display in their main room as a permanent fine art piece. There were so many ideas and symbols that we needed to represent to really portray the message of the Center. It was a really intense process trying to create something to meet their needs while still keeping my personal style. Traditional Mandalas are much more geometric and much less figurative. Figures are my specialty so I needed to integrate them into this project as symbols of harmony in humanity.
So, I started with 4 intersecting circles and created a vesica piscis symbol at center.
North – Snow Lion, Winter, Moon, Arts and Culture represented as a constellation.
South – Dragon, Summer, Sun, Inner Reflection represented by the clear globes.
East – Sekhmet, Spring, Sunrise, Environment represented as a fan of leaves.
West – Garuda, Autumn, Sunset, Peace and Diplomacy represented by the olive branch.
MulitCultural portraits –
Male – Clockwise
Female – Counterclockwise
Auspicious imagery – Koi fish, Lotus flower, rings.

Center For Living Peace

4139 Campus Drive



Peace may sound simple – one beautiful word – but it requires everything we have, every quality, every strength, every dream, every high ideal.
 – Yehudi Menuhin

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