If you’ve been following along with the 2019 NCAA March Madness college basketball tournament that began last week, then you might be aware that today marks the start of the Sweet Sixteen round—meaning there are now only 16 teams left in the tournament. In the spirit of athletic (and fun) competition, we’ve put together our own “Sweet Sixteen” sports illustrations by Directory of Illustration artists. While these illustrators may not be elite athletes, they do excel in creating high-level artwork spanning an impressive range of media and techniques. They’re all winners in our book!

Our Sweet Sixteen picks (in order of appearance): Dan Woodger; Dale Edwin Murray; Ciaran Murphy; Mark Boardman; Mitchell MacNaughton; Nicoletta Barolini; Joe Waldron; Garth Glazier; Chris Whetzel; Cath Riley; Terence Gaylor; Andrew Archer; Coke Navarro; Patrick Faricy; Philip Elliott; Future Power Station.

Click on each image to view the artist’s portfolio!

Dan Woodger | Represented by Jelly London




Mark Boardman | Represented by Meiklejohn




Joe Waldron | Represented by Jelly London




Cath Riley | Represented by Debut Art


Terence Gaylor | Represented by AAARep


Andrew Archer | Represented by Debut Art





Future Power Station | Represented by Central Illustration