#marchmeetthemaker combo Day 10 Recommend a Maker and Day 14…

#marchmeetthemaker combo Day 10 Recommend a Maker and Day 14 Creative Friends:
@paperponyco aka Talia is the illustrator-designer and snark behind Paper Pony Co. greeting cards! @susanne.lamb is one of the founders of @illustratedimpact and she also makes some funny drawings and some lovely textiles. (Talia, Susanne, and I used to work together too). @catamooreart knows her graphite and we have been bonding over wordplay and puns since 2009. @handmadebyzibu makes quilted goodness from vibrant textiles: wall hangings, bags, and baskets, oh my! She’s also my sister. She’s also doing the @artridercrafts CraftMorristown craft fair this weekend so if you’re interested in supporting small business and the arts, on by! See her IG for more details. I have extra tickets too.

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