Marta Zafra, a Spanish-born illustrator represented by Agency Rush, created several beautiful images last year as part of a personal project called “Mystica.” In this series, Marta explored the harmonious relationship among the three basic natural elements: animal, vegetal and mineral. She contributed one of these illustrations, shown above, to a special initiative called “Pimp My Factura.”

“Pimp My Factura”—which translates to “Pimp My Bill” in English—was a collaborative movement organized by TBWA/Buenos Aires with the Publicidad Foundation. The aim of the initiative was to offer relief to the Argentinian people and their skyrocketing living costs through the sale of art. A number of artists overseas, including Marta, were asked to contribute to the “Pimp My Factura” project. Over 40 of these artists “pimped” the unpaid bills of community centers in low income areas, which were then sold to fans and art collectors. Each work was sold at the original value of the bill, and all of the proceeds were donated directly to Buenos Aires community centers.

The charitable nature of the project paired perfectly with Marta’s desire to help make the world a better place with her work, and she was pleased to collaborate with other artists for such a motivational cause.

Here are two of Marta’s other illustrations from her “Mystica” series. Check out her portfolio for more stunning work!

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