Silk screen: Robot Kings of Mars. One of my first silk screens ever. Fun! Beware the Grumpy Monster silk screen. Sketch for silk screen: Beware the Monster (before I decided that he was grumpy) This is a Photoshop retouched scan of a photo emulsion silk screen print (1of 6). It started out as an ink drawing on clear acetate to make it nice nice for the transfer. Then screen printed onto Arches Cold Press, then scanned, retouched, and posted…whew. This is a Rachel Ray illo for a video game that I worked on last year with my buddy Dave called Celeb Fight Club. Can anyone find it on the www? It’s the one where you start by beating up Carlos Mencia, not the one where you start by beating up Hasselhoff. . and Carrot Top, that ginger bastard. I just finished 50+ illustrations for a book written by local naturopath, Joshua Levitt, ND called Baby Barbells: The Dad’s Guide to Fitness and Fathering for Running Press. It should be on book shelves in time for Father’s Day, 2011. Below are some images for the book that don’t reveal too much about the nature of the project. Enjoy. Here are some sketches for a book idea I am working on. Hope to find time this fall to develop it. . The illo below is of our intrepid space explorer from Capital Caveman just before we learn his secret identity. Update on Capital Caveman!! The flash video game that I worked on with my buddy Dave Lasala has been played 3,678,240 times as of August 4th, 2010. I am hoping it reaches 4 million by September. The character above was not used in the final version but I like his smirky lummoxy look. The other black and green pic was a working title and image for an opening page for CC. Above is a new personal piece I just finished using photoshop and a Wacom. The next couple of drawings are from the video game Capital Caveman that my friend Dave and I made. It is an awe-inspiring descent into the world of alien cavemen, a story of a hero’s journey, a basic tale of good and evil, and a puckish satire that strikes more at the heart than the head all rolled into one. Check it out here. It has been played about 2.5 million times in 4 months. Yes. I said million. It is on over 600 flash video game sites worldwide. I think this Google translation from a Portuguese flash game site sums it up pretty well, but you be the judge: “You are an alien who crashed on earth and is trying to conquer all the territory, but will have to fight that warrior tribes and many different places where you need them to fill your ass, you can use stone and other weapons to help you in fight, win and win quickly throughout the country. So you will become stronger and more powerful fighter at the time of the caves. Have fun in online gaming fight Caverman Capital”. Below: Some Photoshop illustrations.

Some older watercolors.


These are made from polymer clay and painted with acrylic.

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