Maude Guesne illustrates Starring Olive Black!

Maude Guesne illustrates Starring Olive Black!

April 3, 2017 Maude Guesne illustrates Starring Olive Black – the new book series by Alex Miles with Affirm Press

Mammoth Mistake Starring Olive Black – Olive Black is a 10 year old mega movie star. In her latest flick, Olive briefs a woolly mammoths back from the Ice Age – a BIG mistake. Luckily in real life she can’t mess up so badly. Or can she?

Next up – The Robbery Riddle Starring Olive Black

Aimed at girls aged 8-11, Olive Black series has been created by Alex Miles, contributing author of the best selling Zac Power series. In each of the Staring Olive Black books Olive learns with warmth, resilience and humour to deal with a different issue that kids commonly face. Maude Guesne illustrates each book with a full colour cover and illustrations throughout the page-turner story.

Published in Melbourne by Affirm Press.

In bookstores now.

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