Mayuko Fujino, paper cutout and collage artist, was recently commissioned by The Atlantic to create artwork for an article in their July/August issue.

Entitled “The Weird, Ever-Evolving Story of DNA,” the article explores current genetic research and our understanding of heredity. Mayuko was fascinated by the concept of blurred boundaries discussed in the article, and how we are all genetically connected if we trace our lineage far back enough. She especially loved the idea that the human body is “a wonderland” that is inhabited by microbes.

Mayuko sought to convey these impressions in her illustrations. Based off of a couple preliminary sketches, Mayuko chose three figures to elaborate upon. The figures, which are surrounded by microbes, are connected to one another, intertwined with a DNA spiral, and are portrayed dancing in the shape of an X and Y. Mayuko finalized the image using a handcrafted paper cutout and a magazine page collage piece.

Shown here is Mayuko’s initial sketch, followed by the final image featured in the magazine.

Mayuko Fujino atlantic editorial sketch

mayuko fujino atlantic editorial illustration

Read the full article on the Atlantic website here.

Mayuko is represented by Illustration (USA) Inc. To view more of her artwork, visit her website and her portfolio.