Featured Image: Mica Duran

The Directory of Illustration is home to some very talented artists who create medical artwork for scientific, educational, and legal purposes.

Here are just a few examples:

Simon Roulstone

Simon Roulstone

Nasal cavity and olfactory


Adam Questell
A KYU Design, LLC

Adam Questell_AKYU


John Huxtable
Rhyne Represents



Linda Nye

Linda Nye

Artwork done for NeuroCare showing highlights of the nervous system


Shelley Li Wen Chen
Illustration Ltd

Shelley Li Wen Chen_Illustration Ltd


Tom White / 9 Surf Studios

Stent Procedure


Chris Parks
Pale Horse


Illustrations for Scholastic: Drugs + Your Body: It Isn’t Pretty (Teaching Guide) Poster


Steven Stankiewicz

Steven Stankiewicz
Skin cutaway


Bruce Morser
Gerald & Cullen Rapp

Bruce Morser_GeraldCullenRapp


Mica Duran
Mica Duran Studio

Mica Duran


Troy Doolittle
TopDog Illustration


Sleep Apnea


Peter Crowther
Début Art Ltd.



Joel Boyer



Mark Wrabel
Lumen 3D : Mark Wrabel

Mark Wrabel Lumen 3D

One in a series showing surgical steps to implant a device that repairs a collapse of the structure of the nose


Michael Hamers
Lightspeed Design & Branding Group

Michael Hamers

Airbrush illustration of cochlear inner ear device to treat serious hearing loss. To insert, the instrument tunnels under the eardrum (the old style went through the ear drum) to be inserted in to the Round Window Niche on the bony plate


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