Meet the Rep: CATugeau Artist Agency

Featured Image: Ana Ochoa

Christina A. Tugeau Artist Agency (CATugeau) is the first mother/daughter agency in the business! A trained artist herself with a BA in Fine Art, Chris Tugeau has been in the children’s illustration industry for almost 25 years. Since opening her own agency in 1994, Chris has enjoyed representing many talented artists, and has been an active part of the illustration community; writing and presenting for SCBWI regions around the country. She is also the author of SCBWI Illustrator Guidelines. A veteran artist and rep, Chris is an advocate for ethical fairness and the bright future of children’s publishing.

Christy Ewers, Chris’ daughter, has been a close observer of the children’s literature industry since 1994, and surrounded by artists her entire life. Aside from her mother, her brother, Jeremy Tugeau is an exceptional fine art and children’s illustrator, now represented by his wife, Nicole, at Tugeau 2. Christy’s husband, Chris Ewers, is also part of the CAT group as their first photographer! With a degree in English/Journalism and a decade of experience in various creative fields, Christy hopes to bring a new perspective to the agency, while maintaining the enthusiasm and love that her mother brings to the industry. Aside from writing, her interests include seaside escapes, very hot coffee and pitbulls named Gertie.

And of course, granddaughter/daughter, Billie Ewers, joins by default as CATugeau’s resident expert and critic. She has almost 3 years of experience in the world, and a background in bright colors and textural pages, with a specific expertise in peek-a-boo books. Billie currently enjoys bubbles and calling letters and words “ABCD’s.”

CATugeau Artist Agency represents a wide variety of wonderful children’s illustrators, such as the ones below. Don’t hesitate to contact them for any of your illustration needs!

For more from CATugeau, please visit their Directory of Illustration Portfolio and website.

Martha Aviles



Patrice Barton

Patrice Barton

“Layla, Queen of Hearts”


Lisa Fields



Joanne Friar



Cathy Gendron

Cathy Gendron

“Pet Cab for Izzy”


Michelle Hazelwood



Ann Iosa

Ann Iosa

“The Wind in The Willows”


Melissa Iwai

Melissa Iwai

“We wash the vegetables”


John Kanzler



Kelly Kennedy



Christine Kornacki

Christine Kornacki

“When Books Come to Life”


Laura Logan

Laura Logan

“The Owl & the Pussycat”


Nina Mata

Nina Mata

“Trick or Treat”


Roger Motzkus



Ana Ochoa



Meryl Treatner


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