Featured Image: Christine Pym

Representing some of the most talented children’s illustrators working today, Plum Pudding Illustration Agency is known for being one of the most dynamic, passionate and proactive agencies around.

Built on the desire to give something back to the illustrators working in the children’s publishing world,  Plum Pudding pride themselves on being much more than just an agency – they are an illustration community and the fantastic relationships that they have with all of their artists are a testament to this.

We believe that as an artist your agent should be an extension of yourself and provide support and guidance on every level, from artists just starting out and wanting advice, development and an introduction to the publishing world, to those who are supremely well established and simply need their business and promotional needs taken care of, leaving them free to do what they do best, illustrate!

We represent a diverse range of artists and work with a vast array of clients from across the globe and as a children’s illustration agency exclusively we have an intrinsic understanding of the children’s publishing world and all of its markets. Plum Pudding is an agency built on passion and relationships: we treat clients and artists like the business partners that they are, but fueled by our inherent love of children’s illustration we go above and beyond to become more than that. – Plum Pudding Illustration Agency

Below are just a few of the wonderful illustrators they represent.

Make sure to visit their website and Directory of Illustration Portfolio to see more.

Christine Pym


Amber Cassidy


Giuditta Gaviraghi


Antonia Woodward


Bruno Robert


Eva Montanari


Abi Tompkins