“My work is inspired by everything from the designs of Saul Bass to the street photography of Henri Cartier-Bresson, and certainly by the history of fashion, advertising, and popular culture. Although I have been known to work exclusively digitally when the occasion calls for it, my preferred medium is acrylic paint on paper. I often find inspiration in my bottomless archive of street photography, or if a specific composition has been requested by a client, I’ll set up a shoot with models. I use the final photographs, parts of which I’ve usually redrawn or digitally manipulated, as templates for a series of detailed stencils hand-cut from frisket, then transferred to paper where they become masks for thin, flat layers of paint. The paintings are produced quickly as one-off prints, sometimes with areas of texture painted in with a brush or pressed in with a swatch of fabric.”

-Amy DeVoogd

Click here for more images from Amy DeVoogd’s portfolio

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