michaelhoeweler: I am honored to share a new poster I…


I am honored to share a new poster I illustrated for Project 2021, available for purchase now! 

In this piece, I wanted to illuminate & connect current refugee experiences. For many people today, immigration is an act of survival. It’s a reality that we need to understand and address in order to prevent further suffering. 

All profits from the print’s sales will be donated to the National Immigration Law Center, a great organization working to advocate for, advise and promote effective policy measures on behalf of, and defend the rights of immigrants and immigrant communities in the United States.

I’m very grateful to have been involved in this project & to have had the opportunity to make something that addresses this crisis. I also owe a huge thank you to Sarah Olin for thinking of me for this, for inviting me to participate, and for art directing me. It means so much.

Purchase the print here: https://www.project2021.com/#product‘>https://www.project2021.com/#product‘>https://www.project2021.com/#product‘>https://www.project2021.com/#product-5921a7366b8f5b3edd165a8c


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