Misty Morning – Sold

Misty Morning (Midway) 14″ x 24″ Oil on board.
“I accidentally sold your painting” was the message on my machine the other day. The caller was Vern Swanson, director of the Springville Museum of Art. Of course I was initially confused since I had marked the painting as NFS when dropping it off as one of my entries in the 88th Spring Salon. I called Vern and he explained the situation. A collector had wanted to buy my other entry Canyon Romance but was informed that it was already sold. I had marked Misty Morning as not for sale because I had pulled it from my gallery Williams Fine Art to enter into the show and did not want to step on any toes by selling it out from under them. So to make a long story short(ish) a couple of phone calls later, Springville worked out the commission with the gallery, the painting is sold (though it didn’t even make the show)and all is well. Except then I found out that my wife really loved that painting after months of hanging in our living room. Now its gone. I guess I will have to paint another one that she can love. 

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