Modest Fly Art on Mother’s Day!

Mother & Children, Paris by Linda Queally

Nowadays, it’s the rentals, fabrics, lists, flowers, and schedules that keep me more than occupied. On top of the 600 person wedding/production I’m trying to put together, this month, Modest Fly Art is expanding. We are moving next door to a bigger space with a corner location. The move came as a big surprise to me because it was (kind of) a wedding present from the one and only. He showed up and asked me to write a letter stating that his business was moving, etc. Then, after typing it up, he told me to sign Modest Fly Art underneath… It was so memorable and nice… Considering the fact that, yes, I do have a great fiance, moving into a bigger space, in the next couple of months, is going to be double the pressure… but, I’m so psyched!

After sleeping on the thought of having a great grand opening, I thought that the best way and time to do it would be for Mother’s Day in May. So, the opening is going to be held on May 6th, 2011 from 6-10 PM and the gallery will be showing the work of the Angeles Crest Art Guild, in other words, the women who served as my mother for 10 days in France last year. There will be 20 women artists participating and I can’t think of any other artists I’d like to use for this special occasion during this time in my life. The show will be in memory of all the mothers who have passed and all the ones who are still around to make us smile. I will work as hard as I can to have a great opening and I hope for a great turn out!

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