Monday MADness!- MAD en Français!

The guys at MAD sent me a surprise the other day (it wasn’t a check… that really would have been a surprise). It was this hardcover Superman special printed, and presumably being sold in, France, with my cover illustration:

Clicky to embiggen…

The inside contains mostly the same material as the MAD Presents Superman magazine special of this past summer, including my parody of Superman Returns. Everything is of course translated into French. It’s hard to scan the interior of a hardcover, but here is one of my pages translated:


Sadly, it’s no funnier in French.

MAD actually has a long tradition of not only being translated into other languages and having foreign editions, but actually having foreign versions of MAD that include some of the US material and some local material done by artists from that country. In fact, and I guess this proves there are websites devote to everything, there is a website devoted just to the foreign editions of MAD. There’s not a lot of specifics there, but you can see some covers and a blurb about the history of each.

There used to be a lot of foreign editions of MAD, but we are down to six that are currently in production. It must be a lot of work to translate the U.S. material into a completely different language, like they do every issue for the Australian edition (ba-da-bump—tish!)

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