The show was crazy! I had a ton of fun, but was very overwhelmed with how many people that were there. I am not a crowd person. This photo doesn’t even do the crowd justice!

Outside, the block had been commandeered and filled with amazing food and drink, people wearing costumes, dancers and music, and boutique artist shops.
I walked past my art piece just in time to see it being admired by this man and his friends. It gave me warm fuzzy feelings.
I will post a better photo and wips soon!

I took photos of a lot of other artist work as well! There were some really amazing things at the show.

 There were several really cool murals in the show – here is one of them. They were hard to photograph because there were always so many people streaming through!

There is a separate gallery of one artist’s work, Bayo. I really enjoyed this gallery.

I really wanted that last piece, but it was already sold!
I had an interesting time at the show and already have ideas for what I want to do next time. We shall see what happens.

♥ Chelsea Loren Edwards ♥