More NYCC!

Image courtesy Jason Chatfield

More NYCC!

Image courtesy Luis Rosario via Facebook

The Lovely Anna and I working it at New York Comic Con. For a Thursday it was a very busy opening day.

Of course we ran into some problems right away. Like an idiot I shipped the wrong backdrop support unit to hold up that banner you see behind us. It should be two feet taller and should not be about to collapse upon us at any second. Fortunately we were able to MacGyver it so it is at least standing. That’s the only negative. Otherwise met a lot of nice people, did a lot of fun drawings, has fun on the “MAD about MAD” panel, and quite a few people took home some prints, books and original MAD art they bought from me. I even had a guy come up with a copy of  a “Married… with Children” comic from back in the Day for me to sign!

I’ll try and get some shots of some drawings today.

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