More ROI with CAD files

Many companies have highly skilled engineers designing their products along with new product innovations. These same companies also maintain skilled marketing teams highly competent in both visual and audio presentations. In many instances, TPA has become the bridge between these two separate disciplines. With our assistance, engineering CAD files have been combined with marketing and sales presentations to create not only outstanding marketing materials, but also interactive field service materials.
TPA utilizes programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Composer, and SolidWorks in assisting your marketing team to create great illustrations utilizing your own engineering CAD files. Simply put, we allow your engineers and marketing teams to focus on their core competencies, while we focus on providing clear and concise marketing and product illustrations.
The illustration below clearly demonstrates how TPA utilized engineering CAD drawings to create a photorealistic illustration and cutaway of a track-type tractor. We then partnered with the marketing team to further define the features and benefits of this product.

See full post here: TPA, Inc.2014-06-30.