My New Flame

The big news arrived today before I’d even sat down to look at the Westmorland Gazette’s front page stories. The Olympic Torch is coming to Cumbria. Hurrah!
Well, I suppose hurrah. I’m not entirely sure why someone has to carry it around the country in a bizarre route from Lands End to London. Looking at the path the Torch is taking, it isn’t a very good advertisement for British navigational skills. It’s travelling a total of 8,000 miles. Even I can navigate from Cornwall to London in rather less than that.
But no matter. It’s visiting the Lake District and we will, I am sure, dig out the bunting, cross off the names William and Kate and scrawl Welcome to the Torch over the top.
In other news, a monster pike was caught in Windermere (the lake, not the village) and a farmer is taking a lamb to Slovenia, for reasons which escape me. Possibly they don’t have Tesco in Slovenia.
So here are the four ideas I pitched to the newsroom. As usual, they are fast scribbles in all their blue-pencil-and-felt-pen glory. To see the full majesty of the final artwork, buy Thursday’s Gazette or pop along to my website. I’ll keep a torch burning for you.

See full post here: Radio Cartoonist2011-05-18.